How To Deal With Tandem Parking

Posted on: 3 January 2019

For whatever reason, some apartment complexes have decided that tandem parking is the best way to provide multiple spots for one apartment. Maybe the management thinks anyone sharing an apartment must be such good friends that they will have no problem sharing a spot, but even the best of friends will have different schedules and need different parking priorities. If you and your apartment mates find yourself in this situation, there are ways to prevent one car getting stuck behind another -- but you also need to be aware that towing may be necessary.
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Commonly Encountered Automotive Body Issues

Posted on: 27 October 2018

Many different types of damage can occur to your car's exterior. This can make it necessary for individuals to have at least a basic understanding when it concerns repairing many of the more common issues that can arise with their vehicle's exterior. What Can Be Done For Rust Or Corrosion? Corrosion on the body of the vehicle is one issue that is extremely common. This is particularly prevalent for those with older vehicles, as the coating that protects the vehicle's body and paint from rust may degrade over the years.
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3 Useful Tips to Remember When Choosing a Car Locksmith

Posted on: 24 July 2018

After getting locked out of your vehicle, you may not know what to do. Fortunately, locksmiths are waiting for times like these and can quickly and safely get you back in your vehicle. However, to ensure your experience working with one of these professionals goes smoothly, remember these tips when choosing one. Assess Their Specialty  Not all locksmiths possess the same skills. Some are more competent at dealing with residential home locks, while others deal with automotive locks on a regular basis.
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How To Avoid Locking Your Keys In Your Car

Posted on: 15 April 2018

Locking your keys in your car is annoying, but it's even more annoying if you keep doing it. You're human, so a mistake once in a while is understandable. But if you do this again and again, you need a strategy for not doing it ever again. Breaking habits can be tough, and chances are it's a habit that's putting you in this position. But it can be done. First, a Safety Issue 
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