Commonly Encountered Automotive Body Issues

Posted on: 27 October 2018


Many different types of damage can occur to your car's exterior. This can make it necessary for individuals to have at least a basic understanding when it concerns repairing many of the more common issues that can arise with their vehicle's exterior.

What Can Be Done For Rust Or Corrosion?

Corrosion on the body of the vehicle is one issue that is extremely common. This is particularly prevalent for those with older vehicles, as the coating that protects the vehicle's body and paint from rust may degrade over the years. Unfortunately, if corrosion forms on the exterior of the vehicle, there are steps that can be used to correct it. Typically, this will involve removing the rust from the vehicle so that a new protective coating can be applied. If you have waited until the corrosion has become severe enough to create holes in the body, replacing the damaged section may be necessary.

Will Having Your Car Painted Be A Lengthy Project?

Whether it is due to body damage or simply wanting the vehicle to be a different color, it is common for car owners to have their vehicles painted. However, some individuals may want to have this work done but resist due to concerned about being without their vehicle for several days or longer.

Luckily, the process of having your car painted may not be as long as you expect. In many instances, it can be possible for the entire vehicle painting process to be completed in a single day. For those that are wanting more elaborating paint jobs that include text or designs, this process may be longer, depending on the complexity of the design.

How Can You Safely Remove Tree Sap From Your Car's Paint?

Tree sap is one of the leading causes of auto body paint damage. This is due to the sap's ability to bind to the paint, which can make it extremely difficult to remove without removing some of the paint with it. Individuals that attempt to remove this sap by vigorously scrubbing it may be more likely to cause this type of damage to the vehicle.

Fortunately, there are degreasers that are designed to be safely used on automotive paint. By using these substances, you can partially dissolve the dried sap so that it will be much easier to remove. If the sap is particularly stubborn, you may want to let the degreaser stay on it for several minutes before wiping it away as this will give it time to permeate the dried sap. 

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