A Heavy-Duty Tow Truck May Handle A Disabled Tractor-Trailer

Posted on: 31 May 2023


All vehicles risk breaking down because of mechanical issues or other problems. Even massive tractor-tailers could become disabled, creating severe problems for other commuters. Also, the enterprise relying on the semi-truck's cargo reaching its destination on time might not appreciate the delays. While there is little the truck driver can do, they could contact a heavy-duty towing service to move the tractor-trailer to a repair service station. Doing so may reduce the risks of a collision while starting the process of getting the truck back on the road.

Heavy-Duty Truck Towing

Heavy-duty truck towing services handle vehicles that greatly exceed the weight of even the largest pickup trucks and minivans. Heavy-duty towers have the truck capable of moving a tractor-trailer. More importantly, professional heavy-duty tow truck drivers understand the potential dangers of towing a massive-sized vehicle. They may possess the necessary experience to get the tractor-trailer to a garage efficiently and safely. 

Disabled Tractor-Trailer Dangers

Although a tractor-trailer with an overheating engine or blow-out tire is not moving, the vehicle might still pose dangers to others on the road. If the semi-truck blocks a lane, traffic could back up. Drivers would need to change lanes since the tractor-trailer blocks their path. Accidents could happen under such circumstances, so towing the tractor-trailer away should be a top priority. The semi-truck driver and employer could face liability claims if someone gets hurt because the tractor-trailer blocked the road.

Out of the Way and Still Risky

A skilled tractor-trailer driver may maneuver their rig to a highway's shoulder, ensuring the traffic lane remains unobstructed. However, an unobstructed lane does not mean there is no accident risk present. People passing the disabled vehicle might rubberneck, which may lead to a collision. A tractor-trailer driver cannot control whether commuters make the ill-advised decision to stare or not, but the driver could take action to haul the truck away. Contacting a heavy-duty towing service without delays may serve that purpose.

Help the Tow Service

Giving the tow truck service's dispatcher critical information about the truck and its load could increase the likelihood that the appropriate tow truck and skilled driver will arrive. Conveying information, such as the tractor-trailer's make, model, weight, and cargo, may be helpful.

Emergency Service

24/7 heavy-duty towing services can dispatch someone to a disabled tractor-trailer at any time of the day or evening. Tractor-trailer drivers shouldn't delay calling a service when something happens to their vehicle. Delays present potential hazards and won't help a truck driver complete a job.

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