3 Reasons To Dispose Of Your Car Via A Wrecking Service

Posted on: 4 October 2022


With all the options available for car disposal, determining what to do with a car that is no longer drivable can be difficult. 

One of the easiest ways to dispose of your disabled car is to use a vehicle wrecking service. A car wrecker will do a free valuation of your vehicle and offer you cash for it. If you accept the offer, they will send a tow truck driver to pick up your car and deliver your payment. 

Beyond putting some extra cash in your pocket, auto wrecking services provide many other benefits, as indicated below. 

Safe Car Disposal

Battery acid, AC refrigerant, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission oil, you name it – your junk car contains many chemicals and compounds that can pose human and environmental health concerns if not handled and disposed of properly.

As part of a car wrecking service, your auto wrecker will safely remove all hazardous fluids from your vehicle and send them to waste management facilities that accept them. Safe removal and disposal of these fluids help prevent contamination of the air, soil, groundwater, and local waterways.

Auto Parts Salvaging

After removing all hazardous fluids and substances from your car, your auto wrecker will start stripping off reusable parts. These parts will be inspected, cleaned, and tested for performance and safety. 

Salvaged car parts suitable for reuse are sold directly to other car owners at affordable prices, minimizing the environmental impact of new car parts manufacture.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Used car parts are not the only source of income for auto wreckers. Once they remove reusable parts from junk cars, they remain with the shells of the vehicles. These vehicle shells are crushed into compact sizes for easy transportation to scrap metal recycling centers.

Scrap metal recyclers convert the material into the recycled content used as raw material for manufacturing new metal parts and products. The availability of recycled metal reduces the need for primary metal production, preserving precious natural resources like energy, water, and mineral ore.

Wear and tear on your car is not the only reason you may need to get rid of the vehicle. The vehicle can also become a write-off if the cost to repair it after an accident is uneconomical. The good news is that an auto wrecker can take it off your hands and pay you some cash regardless of its condition.

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