Key Things You Need To Know About Heavy Duty Towing

Posted on: 25 May 2022


Heavy-duty towing is a service you will need once in a while. Unfortunately, very few people know what heavy-duty towing encompasses. This article will give you a few pointers to help you understand the world of heavy truck towing.

What Is Heavy Duty Towing?

This service utilizes large trucks and special heavy towing features to tow heavier vehicles. These trucks are designed to haul vehicles that weigh above 17,000 lbs. You can also use heavy truck towing to transport exotic cars.

Types of Heavy Towing Trucks

If you are planning to tow something large and heavy, you can choose between the following towing trucks.

  • Flatbed Towing Truck

A flatbed towing truck is simply a truck equipped with a flatbed on its rear. Most people prefer this truck because of its versatility. You can use it to tow trucks, exotic vehicles, motorcycles, and SUVs.

  • Integrated Tow Truck

If you are looking to tow a bus, truck, or tractor, you might as well request an integrated tow truck. This truck is built for heavy jobs. Unlike other tow trucks, this one comes with an extra axle. Besides, it has a hydraulically-operated tow bar and hydraulic wheels as well. Integrated tow trucks are mainly used during car accidents.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Towing

Hiring heavy truck towing services comes with immense benefits, as discussed below.

  • Can Handle Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Hauling or transporting heavy-duty vehicles is always tricky. You can't expect light-duty towing trucks to take on such cars. As such, you will need something that can tow your trailer, bus, truck, or tractor with ease. Heavy-duty towing companies will find the perfect towing truck to handle the job.

  • Guaranteed Safety

The safety of your vehicle is always guaranteed when you use heavy-duty towing services. All the heavy-duty towing trucks are equipped with plenty of safety features. Therefore, you don't expect your vehicle to get damaged or slide from the trailer. 

  • Cost Saving

Heavy-duty towing isn't as expensive as people think. Surprisingly, you can save a lot of money by having your vehicle towed by a heavy-duty towing truck. The safety aspect of this service means your car won't sustain further damage during transit. As such, you will not have to worry about extra repair expenses. 

Which Vehicles Need Heavy-duty Towing?

Well, vehicles exceeding 17,000 lbs qualify for heavy-duty towing. Some of them include.

  • Fire trucks
  • Fuel tankers
  • Busses
  • RVs
  • Trailers
  • Roadwork vehicles
  • Package Delivery vans

If you feel that your vehicle needs to be hauled with care, don't hesitate to choose heavy-duty towing. Reach out to a company like Jensen Towing to learn more.