What Information Or Documentation Do You Need To Junk Your Old Car?

Posted on: 25 October 2021


Scrap buyers are often the most efficient way to get rid of an old, unusable vehicle. It sometimes even makes sense to junk running cars if you're no longer using them and they don't have sufficient value to sell. The process of selling to a junk car buyer is straightforward, but there are some caveats to know that can help you get your sale done more quickly and easily.

Fortunately, it's not hard to follow these steps for your sale. If you're planning on junking an old car, make sure you have these three essential pieces of information and documentation available before making the call.

1. The Car's Overall Condition

The junk buyer will ask you a few questions about your car's condition, and you should be prepared to answer them honestly and as completely as you can. Note that junk buyers aren't worried about the same issues as typical car buyers, so you shouldn't worry about any problems with the car. Instead, they're trying to gauge its overall completeness and scrap value.

In most cases, the buyer will simply want to know if the car is missing any critical components (such as its engine or transmission) and if the body is relatively intact. They may also ask if it's rolling condition simply so they can determine how to tow it from your property safely. Giving complete answers helps to ensure an accurate initial purchasing quote.

2. The Title (Possibly)

Although there are exceptions, you'll usually need a title in your name to sell a car to a junk buyer. In general, if you'd need a title to sell your car to a regular private buyer, you'll also need one to sell to a junk car buyer. Note that the title is a legal requirement, so junk car buyers will not be able to negotiate with you on this point.

However, you may be able to skirt around this necessity if your car is old enough. Check with your local DMV to determine your car's exemption status. If you're simply missing the title, you can conduct a title search before selling.

3. Bill of Sale

In most states, junk car buyers require a bill of sale to take ownership of your car, just like any other buyer. Fortunately, you shouldn't need to handle this yourself. Instead, they'll usually provide a bill of sale for you when the tow truck arrives, and you'll simply need to sign the document and watch your car head off to its final resting place.

In most cases, condition, title, and bill of sale are all you'll need to start and finish the process of selling your junk car. Keep these three things in mind to get rid of your old vehicle and put cash in your pocket in no time at all.

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