Debunking Myths About Mobile Auto Repairs

Posted on: 15 July 2020


As a vehicle owner, there are few things that can frustrate people more than dealing with a breakdown or a car that won't run. Just like towing services, mobile auto repair brings what you need to you and your vehicle when you need it most. Here is a look at some of the common myths about mobile automobile repairs and the facts you need to know.

Myth: Mobile auto repair is too expensive for the average customer.

Mobile auto repair is only slightly more expensive than general auto repairs when you take your vehicle to a mechanic, so it is affordable for most customers. You will be charged for the part, the labor, and the fuel it takes to get to you, wherever you may be. Therefore, the only additional costs are associated with the time and fuel it takes for the repair professional to get to your vehicle to make the general repairs. 

Myth: Most mobile repair services can only handle minuscule repair projects. 

A good automobile repair mechanic can repair just about anything, and these are the professionals you will be dealing with when you call for mobile repairs. Therefore, most service providers can help you with a large percentage of things that can go wrong with a vehicle. Of course, more extensive repairs may require you to have your vehicle towed to a shop. For example, if your transmission goes out, your car would not be a logical candidate for mobile repair.

Myth: You will spend a long time on the highway waiting for repairs to get done.

When the mobile repair technician arrives, they will assess the issue quickly. If they determine they can make the necessary repairs in a short time, they will let you know. If the repair process is going to take a while, the technician will likely tow your vehicle to a safe place to do the repairs. 

Myth: Mobile auto repair only applies to drivers who break down on the highway. 

Mobile auto repair can be invaluable for people who breakdown in their vehicle when they are out and about, but these service providers usually offer their services even if you need help with your vehicle at home. For example, if you get up for work and find that your vehicle won't start, you can call on these professionals to come and help you out. 

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