Make Sure To Check These Areas After Your Car Is Towed To The Junkyard

Posted on: 27 July 2017


It's a surreal experience to be in a car accident in which your vehicle is damaged to the point that your insurance company will write it off. Provided that you're not injured, you may find yourself riding with a towing service driver from a place like Whistler Towing & Truck Repair, Inc. as he hauls your vehicle to a junkyard or other similar area. You'll have a bit of time to go through your car and remove any personal effects before the vehicle is disposed of. Given that your mind likely is a little overwhelmed, you might simply grab the items off your seats and out of your console and leave the vehicle behind, but there could be possessions elsewhere. Make sure that you check these areas before you part with your vehicle.

Pockets Behind The Seats

Many vehicles have one or more pockets behind the two front seats, and this area can be easy to overlook when you're frazzled and rushing to clean out your vehicle after it's been towed following an accident. Many people keep items in these pockets, but the items may not be overly visibly initially. For example, you might keep a map book or even some paperwork for work in one of the seat-back pockets. Taking a minute to reach to the bottom of each pocket will ensure that you don't leave anything behind.

Backdoor Cup Holders

Although you might have the thought to check the cup holders and pockets on the inside of your door and the front passenger door, it's easy to forget to make the same check on the back doors. If you have children, this small storage area on each side of the vehicle can contain items. For example, it may have books or small toys for children to enjoy when you're on the road for a long time.


Even though it's in plain sight, you may forget to check the windshield for anything important. This may be, in part, because you're so used to seeing items affixed to your windshield that you no longer notice them. Take a moment to thoroughly look over the entire interior surface of the windshield to check for things such as cellphone or GPS mounts; these devices aren't overly expensive to replace, but you'd rather take yours with you after your vehicle is damaged and towed. Additionally, if you have a transponder for driving on a toll road, be sure to grab it — it's often mounted behind your mirror, making it easy to miss at first glance.