Roadside Breakdowns: 3 Times When It's Better To Tell Your Teenager Driver To Wait For Professional Repairs

Posted on: 5 May 2017


Being stuck on the side of the road is a common fear for many drivers, and you have talked to your kid about what to do to stay safe during a roadside emergency. However, it is also important to discuss with your teen when it is better to wait for a tow than attempt to keep driving. This is because many serious car issues may not always look that bad at first glance. As you create your driving contract, make sure that your teen knows to heed these car problems as a potentially serious emergency.

Seeing Steam Coming From Under the Hood

Steam and smoke can look very similar to an inexperienced driver, and it is essential to vacate the vehicle any time a fire is suspected. It is also important to know that steam or smoke could signal a major fluid leak. Trying to drive the car without oil or coolant can destroy the engine, so ask your kid to call a professional to inspect under the hood to determine if there is a need for an emergency auto repair before the car can be driven.

Noticing a Change In How The Car Handles

Your kid should be comfortable enough with your car to notice when something out of the ordinary happens before they drive independently. For example, your teen should be instructed to pull over if the car suddenly pulls to one side when they are braking or if it fails to stop in a normal amount of time when the brakes are applied. Arranging for brake repair before the vehicle is back on the road is essential for everyone's safety.

Having a Warning Light Come On

Those dashboard warning lights are a lifesaver when it comes to preventing major car repair catastrophes. Tell your kid to call for a tow if they see a light warning them that the oil pressure is low or that the temperature is rising. This way the problem can be addressed before your kid has to manage a major problem such as a broken head gasket while they are driving on a busy road.

If your kid is playing sports, it is no big deal to tell them to keep pushing through a challenging situation. Driving, however, is a completely different story. Let you kid know that pulling over is the best thing to do anytime they are in doubt about the safety of their vehicle, and make sure they know to call you and a repair service like Valley  Express Auto Repair to ensure that their car is safe before they attempt to put it back on the road.