Reasons And Tips To Buy Car Parts From Auto Wreckers

Posted on: 21 March 2022


An auto wrecker dismantles wrecked or decommissioned cars and recovers any usable parts. Auto wrecker service rules require that unusable parts be disposed of responsibly. When you need second-hand parts or other components from wrecked cars, you have many reasons to turn to auto wreckers' yards.

Here are reasons and factors to consider when shopping for parts from auto wreckers.

Why Should You Buy From Auto Wreckers?

New doesn't always mean the better choice when you purchase car parts. Used car parts are beneficial to your pocket and the environment. Here's how.

Affordability and OEM Parts

Most auto wreckers offer car parts at a fair price. If you have an old car, you get replacement parts at a fraction of the price you would get if you got a new one. Also, OEM parts are preferred to aftermarket parts. That's because nothing fits your vehicle more than the original parts from the manufacturers. 

Environmental Protection

Auto wreckers ensure cars don't end up in landfills or dump sites. Before you buy a part, the auto wrecker drains and recycles all fluids. As a result, the soils and water remain free from chemicals like antifreeze, motor oil, and brake fluid.

Tips To Consider When You Purchase From Auto Wreckers

Now that you understand why you need to purchase used car parts, below are tips to guide the purchase process.

Understand Your Exact Need

Auto wreckers have many spare parts from which you choose. You need to understand the exact parts you want since you can find the selection process complicated without that knowledge. If you don't know the name, you could carry the old one for which you want a replacement. Also, your car manual comes in handy because it has the component number of your car parts.

Understand The Auto Wrecker's Return Policy

An auto wrecker has a return policy for failed or malfunctioned parts. The policy should be workable for you, so you get assurance of compensation when the purchased part fails or develops issues shortly after use. Trusted auto wreckers provide a reasonable warranty so that you won't worry about defective parts.

Carry Your Tools

Not all auto wreckers provide mechanic tools, so you need to carry your tools. You may find that the part you need is still attached to the wrecked car, so your tools come in handy. Always ask for your auto wrecker's help if you are unsure how to remove the used part. You may also carry protective clothes and gloves along with the tools.


The tips discussed above make the purchase process simpler and more effective. An auto wrecker separates the reusable parts and carefully disposes of the unusable parts to promote eco-friendliness. You need to purchase spare parts from trusted dealers to join the journey towards a friendlier environment.