Things To Consider When Towing Your Vehicle

Posted on: 28 October 2020


There are several reasons that you may need to tow your car or truck to a shop, and while it may be an emergency, sometimes it is not. Selecting the right towing method when you need it can be important, depending on the vehicle you are towing and the reason for it.

Emergency Towing

If you have a breakdown on the road, emergency towing services are essential, and you may want to take whoever can get there to tow your car off the road. Often, the closest tow truck is the best option in these situations, but it is vital that the towing company sends a truck that can do the job.

Let the dispatcher know what kind of breakdown you are dealing with, what kind of car or truck you have, and if there is anything specific that might affect the tow. The dispatcher can use that information to send the right kind of truck to tow your vehicle into the repair shop. 

Moving a Car

Sometimes the car you need a towing service to move is not broken down but can not be driven for some reason. Towing the vehicle is the best option in this case, so hiring a company that specializes in towing cars like this is the best way to get the job done. 

A car you bought from a private sale that cannot be registered yet or is a long distance from your home may be better to tow home. If you can't get plates on the car for some reason, driving the vehicle could mean fines or even impounds if you are stopped with it, and the cost of hiring a towing service to move it might be far less expensive.

Custom or Restored Cars

A car that is completely restored or has been heavily customized may be too valuable to drive to a show or event, and in some cases, the owner will choose to have a towing company move the car for them. Often, these services will use a rollback truck and cover the vehicle while it is in transit. 

Even if the car is only going a short distance, the care taken moving a car like this is critical, and not just any towing company will be able to do the job. Talk to several towing services about your vehicle and what you need when having it towed before choosing a company to work with. If you are not comfortable with the towing companies in the area, you may need to look for a company specializing in moving cars like yours instead.