4x4 Towing Guide To Get Your Truck Out Of The Ditch And Back On The Road Again

Posted on: 23 March 2020


If you have got your 4x4 stuck in a ditch and broken down, then you are going to need some help getting it into the garage. First, you may need to get it to a road where it can be towed, then you are going to need to make sure it can be towed. Once the vehicle is ready, you will need to get help towing it to your garage or a repair shop. The following 4x4 towing guide will help you get your truck out of a ditch and back on the road or trails again:

Safe Use of Tow Cables and Towing Vehicle to Get Your Truck to An Area Where It Can Be Towed

The first challenge you are going to have if you have your 4x4 truck stuck in a ditch is getting it out. This is something that may require another 4x4 to use as a towing vehicle and a tow cable. If you are going to use a tow cable to get your truck out of the ditch and to the road, make sure that the towing vehicle is capable and that the tow cable or strap you are using is in good condition and rated to handle the weight of your truck.

Cleaning Any Dirt and Mud That Is Stuck on Your Truck That Cause Hazards While It Is Being Towed

If you have been off-roading with your truck, there is probably a lot of mud and debris stuck to the wheels and other areas. This debris from the trails can cause a hazard when you tow your truck on public roads. Therefore, you will want to use shovels and brooms to remove any loose debris that may fly off while your truck is being towed.

Removing Large Tires and Bending Parts Back to Shape to Allow the Truck to Be Towed

Large tires are common on 4x4 vehicles, but if you have oversized tires on your truck, it can cause problems when you need to have it towed. Therefore, you will want to put normal stock tires and rims on your truck to have it towed. This will ensure the tow truck that comes to tow your truck will be able to load it and tow it to where you want to have it towed. You may also need to try to bend axles or suspension parts that are bent and may make it difficult to tow your truck.

Contacting a Towing Service and Letting Them Know Information About Your Truck to Ensure They Send a Capable Tow Vehicle

The last step in getting your truck towed will be calling a tow truck for help. Tell them about the weight of your vehicle to ensure they send a vehicle that is capable of towing your truck. You will also want to let them know about any damage that could require special equipment to tow your truck.

These are some of the things that you will need to do to get your truck out of the ditch and into the garage for repairs. If you have your vehicle ready to be towed, contact a vehicle towing service and talk to them about getting your 4x4 to your garage or a repair shop.