4 Important Things To Know Before Calling For Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Posted on: 16 October 2019


Of all of the vehicles that have to be transported, heavy equipment pieces are definitely some of the most complicated. Thankfully, there are companies out there that specifically transport these large pieces, but there are a few important things you should know before calling one of these companies for help. 

You should know the general weight of the equipment. 

The weight of the equipment is probably going to be one of the very first things you will be asked because this will determine a lot about how the transport takes place. Some heavier equipment pieces will require special equipment for hauling, and there are some lightweight pieces that can actually be towed with a regular tow truck. Before you call for help with what you have to haul, make sure you know the general weight. 

You should know what attachments will have to be hauled with the equipment. 

If you have several attachments that will have to be transported along with the equipment, it is important to make note of what will be hauled, the weight of each attachment, and the approximate size in length and width. These attachments have to be secured in place just like the equipment, so the towing service will have to know the size of everything they will be hauling in order to send the proper hauling equipment to your site. 

You should know whether the equipment has wheels or tracks. 

Whether or not the equipment piece has wheels or tracks will be a huge factor when the equipment has to be hauled. In general terms, pieces that have wheels are easier to haul because they do not require a specific type of trailer surface to be safely maneuvered in place and be secured. Pieces that have tracks instead of wheels and tires, however, may not work out well on certain types of surfaces on hauling trailers. For example, something like a steel trailer with a mesh-style platform may get caught up in the grooves of the tracks. 

You should know if an operator will be on site when the equipment is picked up.

Some pieces of heavy equipment require licensed operators because they are a bit complicated to operate. If this is the case with what you plan to transport, you should know if you will have someone available to operate the equipment to get it on the hauling trailer. Some companies have licensed operators for certain pieces of equipment, but some do not. 

For more information, contact heavy equipment transportation services in your area.