Tips For Dealing With A Motorcycle Breakdown

Posted on: 18 May 2017


The idea of getting together with some other motorcycle enthusiasts, plotting a route, and hitting the open road is an ideal way to spend some time during the summer. Whether you're traveling to a certain destination for a few days or taking a long round trip around your state, the last thing you want to deal with is a motorcycle breakdown. However, it's always worthwhile to have a plan for what you'll do in this situation. Unlike getting a flat tire on your car, you can't simply pull over and change the tire. Unless you or someone in your group is traveling with a spare motorcycle tire in a trailer, you'll need professional intervention. Here are some tips for dealing with this situation.

Find A Safe Place To Stop

For your safety and the safety of those in your group, it's vitally important to find a safe place to stop your motorcycles. If whatever issue you're experiencing comes on slowly, this may give you time to pull off the highway and congregate in a parking lot or rest area. However, if the problem occurs suddenly, you may be forced to pull over to the side of the road. Ensure that each person's bike is as far away from traffic as possible, and do what you can to increase your visibility. This can include having the bikes at the rear of the pack put on their hazard lights.

Call A Motorcycle Towing Service

Unless you can deal with the problem on your own, you'll need to get your motorcycle towed. Don't simply call the first towing service and give your location. Instead, you'll want to use your smartphone to search for a local towing service that specializes in motorcycles. Unlike a car, a motorcycle can't typically be towed behind a tow truck. Instead, the towing service will need to have not only a flatbed-style truck but also the necessary straps to hold the bike in place while it's in transit.

Figure Out Your Next Steps

There are a few things to do while you wait for the tow truck, like V & A Towing,  to arrive. You may wish to look up a motorcycle garage so that your bike can be towed directly to this location. You can ride in the tow truck while your group follows behind. Alternatively, if you don't want to disrupt the group, you might get its next destination and tell everyone to go ahead without you — then, when the issue is addressed, you can hop back on your bike and head toward the destination.